The Best Luggage Lifetime Warranty – Top 10 Brands to Focus On 2023

Few things can be as embarrassing as having your luggage zippers come apart at the airport. Now imagine having an encounter like this when your flight is thirty minutes away. More often than not, it is the low-priced, substandard suitcases that develop abrupt issues. Although the moving parts of even the best luggage will develop damage in time, it should last at least fifty uses. Unfortunately, substandard suitcases may last between five and twenty uses and most lack the best luggage with a lifetime warranty.

If such bags do not have a good warranty cover, it is over for you. If you weigh the pros and cons of low-priced, substandard travel cases, you will see that a higher-priced product might be better. It may be expensive, no doubt, but can be great because it comes with a lifetime warranty. In this guide, we will disclose ten luggage brands that offer the best luggage lifetime warranty. Are you eager to find out?

Limited V.S unconditional Lifetime Warranty

It is necessary to know the meaning of a limited lifetime warranty and unconditional lifetime warranty. What is the difference between the two? Also, which of the two is better off? Without a doubt, we will answer these questions next. First, limited lifetime means that the warranty will cover your luggage for life, but with some exceptions.

The coverage will also exclude any scratches or damage that may occur at the airline. It is valid only for ordinary use. To illustrate, companies like Thule, Travelpro, and Away provide a limited lifetime warranty. To compare, a limited lifetime warranty is better than a limited warranty that lasts between one and three years.

Even if it has some restrictions, it may cover several defects than regular limited warranties. In contrast, the unconditional lifetime warranty has absolutely zero restrictions. If the luggage has an issue, therefore, your only task is to send it to the manufacturer. Moreover, the manufacturer will not request the receipt you received when you bought the luggage. They will not give you any condition whatsoever.

As well, the unconditional lifetime warranty covers airline damage, accidents, or misuse. On our list of ten brands, companies like Red Oxx, Osprey, Patagonia, Eagle Creek, Briggs & Riley, JanSport, and Nomatic provide an unconditional lifetime warranty. Additionally, each of their travel bags has the benefit of having a lifetime warranty.

There are other companies offering unconditional Lifetime Warranties, but their terms are vague. Likewise, some lifetime warranties are deceptive and come with caveats. We do not want you to fall right into their trap. For this reason, we have chosen only the best brands for you. We will discuss these next.

The 10 best of the best High Sierra Backpack Comparison

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ImagePatagonia NamePatagonia WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageTravelpro NameTravelpro WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageAway NameAway WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageOsprey NameOsprey WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageThule NameThule WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageNomatic NameNomatic WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageRed Oxx NameRed Oxx WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable
ImageJansport NameJansport WarrentyLifetime PriceCheck Latest Pricetable

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Discover Our best luggage lifetime warranty Brands

1. Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley

When it comes to luggage construction, Briggs & Riley is among the best company. Without a doubt, the brand makes some of the most fashionable and functional travel bags. They have bags of all sizes too, including carry-on cases that fit in an airline overhead cabin.

Additionally, Briggs & Riley happens to be the most famous manufacturer because it has existed for 28 years now. Therefore, it has weathered every storm to be where it is and what it is today. Briggs & Riley is also extremely popular because of its unconditional lifetime warranty.

Indeed, it offers the best luggage with a lifetime warranty regardless of the case you want. We really love B&R luggage options because of their wide range of travel bags that come with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, it uses simple but heavy words to describe its unconditional lifetime warranty: “Simple as that”.

Therefore, they can repair your bags regardless of what caused the damage. Did the airline cause the damage or did you do it accidentally? Briggs & Riley does not want to know the answer to these questions. As soon as you notice a problem, return the case immediately for repair. Without endless questions or delays, the company will repair your luggage. Again, they will cover all functional defects on their bags forever.

Hence, if you have broken wheels, damaged zippers, torn fabric, or broken handles, communicate at once. There is a point to note though. Briggs & Riley’s lifetime warranty does not cover a bag for faded colors, a stained fabric, or small scratches. In short, coverage does not include cosmetic damage.

Thus, if you want luggage and have peace of mind simultaneously, then Briggs & Riley might be the right choice. Even if you buy a bag from someone, they will not ask for a warranty transfer document. Although this is great, there is one cost you should incur.

You will pay the cost of shipping your luggage to the manufacturer and from them. However, this is a small cost to bear since you will enjoy free repairs for life.

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2. Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

When considering limited V.S unconditional lifetime warranty, think about Eagle Creek. Like Braggs & Riley, it provides an unconditional warranty. Unlike Briggs & Riley, its luggage pricing is slightly lower. Thus, there are high odds of finding a high-quality travel bag in its wide range of products.

Furthermore, Eagle Creek produces all sorts of travel luggage. So you can find a suitable bag for hiking, camping, business travel, backpacking, and more. Compared to Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek’s luggage is not too posh or too casual. They are beautiful bags between the two extremes.

Therefore, you need their cases for day trips, short weekend getaways, and long trips. Briggs & Riley might be a better brand for a suitable business travel case. Likewise, Nomatic or Thule Luggage can suit professional travelers. When it comes to the best luggage Lifetime warranty, Eagle Creek offers an unconditional cover. The slogan is this: “No Matter What”.

If your Eagle Creek luggage develops defects at the airline, send it back to the manufacturer. To explain, the brand will fix any reasonable damage to your bags even if you caused it. Before you send the baggage, make sure it still looks functional. Imagine this; you will have free repairs for a lifetime. What can be so refreshing to hear than this?

Without further ado, ship your travel bag to them if it has loose stitching, broken zippers, or weak/lost wheels. They also repair broken handles providing your case still looks good. In addition, if your bag looks too old, Eagle and Creek might not repair it. Instead, they will view the case as having reached the peak of its life.

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3. Patagonia


This brand may not sound popular, but we really love Patagonia. Why? It has an unconditional lifetime warranty on each bag you purchase. Similar to Eagle Creek, Patagonia has top-quality, durable luggage.

Hence, we would recommend buying its bags if you love short travels, long trips, backpacking, trekking, or camping. The pricing of their high-quality bags is low as well, which is an advantage.

While they are larger than Eagle Creek, Patagonia is not so much into making bags. So they do not have a wide assortment of travel cases. Nonetheless, they still provide a number of stylish duffle bags, backpacks, and rolling bags. Their unconditional lifetime warranty is also the best, and we really love it.

Its best luggage lifetime warranty, “Ironclad”, is a straightforward cover with no hidden caveats. Once your travel gear develops material or workmanship defects, call the manufacturer for free. Regardless of the cause, Patagonia will repair your case. Besides, there are self-repair kits on its website.

When you feel able to repair your case, you can also use their repair kits. Furthermore, if the damage is serious, you can send it to a Patagonia dealer or repair center.

However, note that you will pay the shipping fees when sending and when receiving. Patagonia baggage can be great if you want free repairs for a lifetime.

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4. Travelpro


When you go searching for the best luggage lifetime warranty, you might come across Travelpro. Among the top luggage makers in the world, Travelpro is in the same class as Briggs & Riley and Samsonite. However, it can be a better choice than B & R if you travel daily.

As a flight crew, pilot, or busy businessman, you can fall for deluxe Travelpro bags. The brand boasts checked luggage, carry-on luggage, backpacks, and duffle bags. As a professional, therefore, you can rely on Travelpro to offer you an affordable case.

In fact, its bags are twice or thrice cheaper than Briggs & Riley bags. In contrast, B & R luggage is more durable than Travelpro luggage. So you will pay more for durability if you choose the former. The most popular bag collection that Travelpro has is Maxlite 5, Crew 11, and Platinum Elite.

No matter the bags you select, you can enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. Hence, the company will only cover you for bag defects in materials and craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this is the part we slightly dislike about Travelpro. Its limited warranty offers little help only because of leaving out airline damage.

Therefore, you are not covered for the defect that is more likely to happen. As a regular traveler, the odds that your bag would develop airline damage are higher. But, Travelpro does not cover you for that. All the same, you can make use of their Trusted Companion Promise. Depending on the collection you pick your luggage from, Trusted Companion Promise can caution you from defects.

It covers airline damage plus the shipping costs to and from the manufacturer’s repair shop. This separate cover also runs for a given duration and based on the collection you have selected. For instance, if you choose the Crew 11 luggage collection, the cover will run for three years.

In contrast, it will run for a lifetime if you shop from their Platinum Elite collection. To conclude, you will benefit more from a Travelpro warranty if you purchase their Platinum Elite bags.

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5. Away


It is good to choose an Away travel case even if they are a young brand. The official name is JRSK, Inc., and it emerged in 2015. They have therefore been around for six years, which have been quite a blessing to travellers. Besides, Away have a specialization it calls Smart Luggage.

Additionally, Smart Luggage is now so popular that most people love it. We also love this collection of travel cases. Furthermore, Away is doing better than most of its rivals because of its smart bags. As well as having in-built chargers, these bags are more modern. They may look compact but have adequate space for a minimalist who is also young.

If you are youthful or would like to feel young, choose Away luggage. Although their bags are stylish and modern, they are also the best because they are durable. The manufacturer uses high-quality construction materials.

Above all, Away has the best limited lifetime warranty. Although a limited cover has restrictions, it covers certain areas over the life of the luggage. These areas include functional defects like cracks in the frame, tears, broken or missing wheels, and damaged handles and zippers.

Like Briggs & Riley, Away does not cover any form of cosmetic wear and tear occurring over the life of the case. If the luggage fabric fades, that’s a sign that it is aging and not damaged. Additionally, they will cover defects arising from normal bag use.

By this, they mean any damage that might occur in the plane, car, train, foot, or boat. There is one adorable thing we love about the Away limited lifetime cover. It is a fact that shipping costs when sending the bag and receiving it back are the brand’s responsibility.

Thus, when comparing limited vs. Unconditional lifetime warranty covers, Away can be the best limited lifetime cover around. Sadly, you need to provide proof of bag purchase to use the cover. This does not occur with all other options we have reviewed above. Here is the official Lifetime Warranty Terms and Condition of Away.

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6. Osprey


Osprey is another brand we have made our favorite when it comes to warranties. It produces outdoor gear for travelers. Similar to brands like Patagonia and Eagle Creek, Osprey’s products are fit for everyday ordinary travelers.

They are not ideal for someone who travels for business, or work and needs to look presentable. Their rugged appearance would suit an outdoor traveler who goes out hiking or backpacking. Also, we have noted that their bags are excellent for someone who goes away for weeks.

In fact, consider buying Osprey luggage if you love backpacks more than roller bags. Still, the company makes plenty of soft-side suitcases for someone who prefers them. When it comes to their warranty, they have a unique slogan: All Mighty Guarantee.”

And we can draw meaning from this slogan. Osprey promises a lifetime warranty that does not know your carelessness when handling the case. Consequently, bring your case for repair even if you broke it or someone else did. According to their terms and conditions, their warranty will include all functional defects over the life of the travel case.

What is more, they can do it for free regardless of what happened. There is as well no need to provide the ownership proof or buying proof for the life cover to activate. As a result, you can send the case for repair even if you received it as a gift. If you have the case, take it for repair any time.

Above and beyond, you will adore their cases because they are inexpensive. When you combine low cost with a lifetime warranty, you get a convenient solution. Lastly, you will bear the cost of shipping the luggage to and from the manufacturer’s repair center.

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7. Thule


Thule is one of the best providers of travel cases. However, just like Briggs & Riley, it provides expensive cases. So, if you are looking for deluxe travel cases, you might want to check Thule’s collections. We have chosen Thule as the best luggage lifetime warranty provider because they deserve it. They are an up-scale brand with costly cases for all sorts of travelers.

Further, their luggage includes mostly backpacks and a few suitcases. We also adore the simple fact that you can as well choose their cases for business travel. In addition, they produce rooftop camping gear, car racks for skiers, cycler’s gear, outdoor clothes, and tents.

Thule is also one of the top providers of a limited lifetime warranty. As usual, you cannot expect much from this type of lifetime guarantee. But you can be sure that the company will cover defects in craftsmanship and materials.

Moreover, it would do so for as long as you have the case. It is as well common knowledge that when your case has become too old and faded, the warranty might not work anymore. No manufacturer wants to cover faded or tattered luggage. So make sure yours is in good working condition. Here is the Thule official warranty details.

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8. Nomatic


If you want high-quality, high-end travel luggage, Nomatic fits the bill. When compared to a giant like Briggs & Riley, Nomatic is almost two decades younger. Launched in 2014, Nomatic made their initial campaign named Kickstarter. It was then that they were promoting their minimal wallet, which had a great design.

That saw the brand expand broadly to include backpacks, travel luggage, messager bags, watches, and other travel essentials. We like the way that Nomatic makes its products. Even if they are minimal, they are long-lasting travel cases. If you have the money to spend on high-quality travel luggage, then Nomatic can be your best option.

We would like to recommend them to you mainly because of the lifetime warranty cover. How it works is therefore pretty much straightforward. All workmanship and material defects are under coverage. As well, you can bring on any kind of damage regardless of who caused it.

Even if your bag sustains airline damage or accidental damage, Nomatic can repair it. They do not ask for the proof of ownership or the receipt you got after buying. Without questions, Nomatic will fix your luggage. However, if your luggage is so broken that it would be awkward to repair it, Nomatic will provide a replacement. So, do not hesitate to get their digital nomad community backpacks as they are so durable and elegant.

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9. Red Oxx

Red Oxx

Red Oxx is among the best providers of Luggage in the USA. It makes plenty of travel cases, including backpacks and duffle bags. Additionally, they provide packing cubes and other travel accessories for campers. From a distance, you can tell their luggage has good quality and aesthetics.

They are some of the loveliest bags we have seen so far. This should not even surprise you because the Montana-based designer offers only handcrafted pieces. Also, they make all pieces inside the factory, meaning that all have uniform quality. As of now, Red Oxx does not provide rolling suitcases at all.

They are therefore not the best choice when you want checked or carry-on luggage suitcase with skater wheels. Instead, you might find their cases wonderful when looking for a suitable rugged backpack, duffle bag, or massager bag. Furthermore, if you generally like the military style, you can choose Red Oxx bags.

Moreover, you will adore the brand’s lifetime warranty cover. Its name is “No Bull.” This warranty has no conditions too, meaning that fixing work is free. In addition, the terms of the warranty are easy because they will fix all broken components without asking questions. It does not matter if you broke the case, or another person did.

Still, you can bring the bag for repair if it develops a tear or another defect because of the airline. The only time you risk not having your bags repaired is if it is too old. Again, you will have to pay all shipping expenses when sending or receiving the luggage.

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10. Jansport


Jansport is an old company that began in 1967. The founders were Murray and Jan. Jansport also has vast experience making backpacks. Their first-ever adjustable aluminum backpack frame they made won an award from the Alcoa Company.

Likewise, the brand says that its greatest inspiration is outdoors and daily adventures. Their backpacks can suit different uses, including travel, hikes, school, and more. It is up to you to decide how you want to use them because they are such a blessing to have. Besides, you can get a messenger bag that can suit your style.

Concerning its lifetime warranty, it is unconditional. Thus, you can have a JanSport bag repaired no matter what happened to it. As well, the cost of repair is free of charge, plus they can replace an item. However, for them to replace luggage, it has been beyond repair, or the cost of repairing it is higher than the cost of replacing it.

We also find a message from them quite touching. It says that if your JanSport case triggers special memories in your mind, and it is broken, you can always contact them. There are no shipping fees, so there is no cost on your part.

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Other considerations for the best luggage lifetime warranty

We know of many other luggage brands offering a lifetime warranty. Indeed when comparing limited vs. unconditional limited warranty, you will encounter numerous options. The brands we have shared have the most believable lifetime warranty. Additionally, some of these are renowned brands with years of experience.

We would also like you to know that some companies used to offer a lifetime warranty in the past but now they do not. To illustrate, Tumi, Victorinox, Samsonite, and Eddie Bauer are wonderful luggage companies.

Nevertheless, their lifetime warranties are no longer reliable. The losses they made from lifetime repairs became too much to handle. While Eddie Bauer is a 1920 company, it no longer provides the best luggage lifetime warranty.


Now we believe that you know the top brands to consider when searching for the most dependable bags for travel. By utilizing this guide, you will save your time and money buying from the best Luggage Lifetime Warranty brand.