About Luggagers

My name is Richard, and travelling is my only passion. Me and my Wife Amanda love to travel across the world and experience new adventures, weathers and cultures. We live for it. During our travelling, we have got so many experiences. Some of them are the best, and some of them are the worst. So realized that it’s essential to have the best gears and accessories with you no matter you are in America, Africa, Europe or Australia. Luggage or backpack is one of the most important of them.

Our main Goal is:

Helping you never to choose the second-best luggage for your journey, profession and also fashion.

During our travelling, we saw a real absence of reliable and helpful resources on finding the best luggage, backpack or travel accessories we should have. At Luggagers, we do in-depth research-driven analysis to find some best of the best online resource and help you to decide according to your requirements.A perfect suitcase or backpack will be a real helping part on your journey, where the inappropriate one will be a curse for your trip. With the help of external parameters experts, we create the rating, which is a complex combination of different attributes, weighted averages, and variable scores. But all to get the best result in a detailed summary, which helps you how good or bad a luggage or a backpack is.

Want to ask us something? Have any feedback? Feel free to email us at: Richard[at] luggagers [dot] com.