Things to consider before taking curling irons, hairdryers, and other hair styling products on planes

Women’s hair is the first notable feature that adds to the impeccable beauty of the other facial features. According to various researches, women find themselves more confident and presentable with a proper hairstyle, reflecting greatly on their personality and charisma. Also, women are very particular in looking and having perfect hair at all times. As the advancements in beauty products proliferate, the products have found a benchmark place in everyday routine in women’s and men’s lives. With that said, the skepticism surrounding whether to carry products such as curling irons, hairdryers, etc., on planes keeps growing with time. As this confusion mount up, the clearance factor of the products can be evident with the new laws. Let us have a detailed understanding of the main emphases of people’s skepticism, “Can you bring a flat or a curling iron, hairdryers on a plane?”

Before jumping right into the center stage of the topic, it is critical to understand what hand luggage and cargo luggage are in terms of traveling on a plane.
Hand luggage: Also known as carry-on luggage, is a type of luggage that passengers can carry inside the plane’s passenger compartment.
Cargo luggage/checked luggage: Cargo luggage is the type of luggage that cannot be carried on to the passenger compartment; instead, should be placed in the shipment compartment of the passenger plane.

Though the laws of carrying beauty hair products might be the same, sometimes, it is best to make people aware of what things go where. Now, without further ado, let us dive into the crux of the matter concerning the carrying of curling irons, hairdryers, and other hair styling products on the plane.

Carrying hairdryers on the plane

Hairdryers are one of the significant hairstyling products people use before getting ready and heading to the airport from their homes. According to TSA rules, made with plastic and containing wires and other electronic components, hairdryers are considered non-hazardous items unless or until they are plugged in. So, can you bring hairdryer carry-on luggage on plane? The answer is yes, you can. Considering the fact that TSA limits only items that might ignite and be used as a weapon, hairdryers receive a green flag for traveling with you on the carry-on luggage or the checked luggage.

Things to consider before carrying hairdryers on the plane

  • Before packing the hairdryers, make sure that the hairdryer is not hot. If they are hot, consider wrapping the hairdryer in a towel or a cloth before loading it onto the luggage.
  • Although people can carry the hairdryers inside the passenger compartments, they cannot use the hairdryer inside the plane while traveling. Other than mandatory devices like phones or laptops, any other electronic devices cannot be plugged into the sockets provided in the compartment. If the hairdryers are used during plane travel, it can lead to detention from the aircraft for not following the safety rules.
  • Even though it can be very intriguing to carry your hairdryer for travel, make sure whether it is mandatory as many high-end hotels and guest houses provide their customers with a well-maintained hairdryer.

Therefore, to the question “can you bring hairdryer carry-on luggage on the plane?” the answer is yes, and it is mandatory to make sure that the checklist mentioned above is met before taking the hairdryer on the journey.

Carrying blow dryers on the plane

Just like the skepticism surrounding whether people can carry hair dryers on the plane, people also have concerned about blow dryers and often come up with the question of “can you bring a blow dryer on a plane?” Before answering the question, let us first understand how blow dryers are different from hair dryers. The temperatures of both these gadgets may vary. Blow dryers blow out air mostly with a greater concentration, and the temperature of the hairdryer is considerably lower when compared to a typical blow dryer. Hairdryers are usually electric and use steam or air, but the same isn’t true for blow dryers; they aren’t especially electric devices. For individuals searching out decisive factors, it may be said that a dryer that isn’t electrically powered can be referred to as a blow dryer. Hence, blow dryers can be carried in both hands and checked luggage.

Things to consider before carrying blow dryers on the plane

  • Although blow dryers cannot be considered electrical devices, packing them safely while traveling is still mandatory.
  • Never pack blow dryers when they are hot, as it generates more heat than a hairdryer and can possibly damage other products or clothes in the luggage.

Carrying curling irons on the plane

The need to carry a curling iron grows for women who travel to attend extravagant fashion events and business meetings. As far as rules are concerned, curling irons can be taken in both hand luggage and checked luggage.

Things to consider before carrying curling irons on the plane

  • Always carry the curling iron with the cord during travel on the plane.
  • Make sure to pack the curling iron when the device is not hot, and if hot, make sure to carry a spare cloth to cover the iron ends.
  • Since most hotels do not provide curling irons to their customers, it has become a mandatory device for people to carry with them during travel.

Carrying hair straighteners on a plane

“Can you bring hair straighteners on a plane?” is also another most searched query on the web. Hair straighteners are the most sort-out hair styling products in recent times. People value hair straighteners a lot as it provides the overall best solution to messy hair and makes the hair look flawless. As far as carrying it on a plane is concerned, the TSA approves hair straighteners to be carried in both hand and checked luggage.

Can you bring hair straighteners on a plane?

Things to consider before carrying hair straighteners on the plane

  • Like wrapping a hairdryer in a towel or a cloth when it is hot, hair straighteners are also prone to stay hot for a while after use. By covering the hair straighteners, people can prevent any damage to the product or damage to other things in the luggage due to it being hot.
  • Always make sure the hair straighteners are attached to the cord while packing it, as the authorities might suspect if there is only the straightener without a cable.

Can you take a butane hair straightener or a butane curling iron on airplanes?

Before thinking about carrying a butane hair straightener or a butane curling iron on a plane, people first need to understand that these are highly-flammable products and come with limitations put forth by the TSA. Thus, butane hair straighteners and butane curling irons are allowed only on hand luggage and restricted in checked baggage due to this drawback. Another crucial factor to keep in mind is that passengers can carry only one butane-powered or gas-powered hairstyling product in their hand luggage. To be more precise, you can either take a butane hair straightener or a butane curling iron, but you cannot carry both in the same luggage. The TSA also does not allow passengers to have cartridges for their butane products in their luggage during travel. The mandatory rule is to place the butane products in their specified boxes or a heat-resistant pouch while taking them along. Although these products are very rare to turn on by themselves, the TSA still urges passengers to pack the products to avoid any hazardous circumstances safely.

Things to consider before carrying butane hair straighteners or a butane curling iron

  • Carrying the cartridges is prohibited inside the plane, so make sure to leave the cartridges back while carrying butane products.
  • Safety comes first while carrying any gas-powered products on an aircraft. Make sure to follow the safety protocols urged by the Transportation Security Administration.
  • Double-check if the product is safely packed as these will only be allowed in the hand luggage that is to be carried in the passenger compartment of the plane.

Carrying other hair styling products on the plane

As far as hair styling products go, the list is vast. There are always new appliances that get launched in the marketplace due to the high demand. To provide overall knowledge about the other major products that could be carried on the plane, a list below emphasizes the rules and limitations of other similar products.

Hair sprays: Concerning hairsprays, the TSA has different limitations according to hand luggage and checked luggage. For carrying hair sprays in the hand luggage, it should be placed in small containers of about 3.4 oz or 100 ml and should be accompanied along with the other toiletries in transparent, quart-sized Ziplock bags. On the other hand, if hair sprays are carried in checked luggage, they should be placed inside an 18 oz or 530 ml container. Also, keep in mind that the overall weight of the checked baggage should not exceed 68 oz or 2 L.

Hair gels: Like hair sprays, hair gels can be taken in both hands and checked luggage. The rules of TSA remain the same when comparing hair sprays and hair gels. Hair gels should be placed in a 3.4 oz container and should go inside a quart-sized transparent bag.

Hot rollers: Also known as electric hair rollers, get a green signal from the TSA if it has a cord attached to it. The electric hair rollers can be carried in both hands and checked luggage. Packing the rollers safely is the main issue that needs to be concerned. Other than this, the TSA does not have any additional limitations until or unless the rollers contain butane or are powered with gas.

Electric hot hair brushes: Like the electric hair rollers, electric hot hair brushes should be carried with a cord and are allowed in both hands and checked luggage. If in case, any butane or gas-powered hot airbrushes should follow the same limitations as other butane-powered appliances mentioned above. Though the TSA has not specified about the electric hot hairbrushes, as long as it is not cordless, there are no restrictions for carrying them in hand and checked luggage.

Brushes and combs: Combs and brushes are the most mandatory items and take the highest place in the list of other carriable things. Though there are no significant restrictions to brushes and combs, make sure the combs carried along are plastic and do not have any sharp ends.

Bobby pins: Bobby pins have ultimately no restrictions from the TSA and can be carried in both hand and checked luggage.

Will hairstyle products such as hair straightener, hairdryer, and curling iron work when traveling internationally?

International travel has its own checklist when it comes to carrying electronic devices on the plane. The central aspect that needs to be checked is whether the electronic devices will work on the desired destination. According to the destination, two factors need to be considered with regards to electronic hairstyle products.

1. Understanding the voltage meters: Make sure that any product that you carry, such as hair straighteners, hairdryer, and curling irons, has the same voltage as the destination. There is a vast difference in voltage compared to different countries around the globe. For example, the grid in Europe is 220-voltage whereas the grid in America is 110-voltage. Any electronic device that supports 110-voltage does not get along with 220-voltage.

The best solution is to carry hairstyle products that support dual-voltage. To be more precise, if a product’s description says that the voltage needed to power the product is around 110-220 volts, then the product is considered to support dual-voltage.

2. Outlets matter a lot: Plug sockets, like the voltage variations, are different throughout the globe. Sometimes, a country could support three or four types of sockets and, at times, only one. So, depending on the destination, make sure that the hairstyle products can be suitable for the sockets provided. It is also recommended to carry an adaptor for the products while traveling.

Do you need a travel plug adapter? Or a voltage converter?

According to the hairstyle products and appliances that are carried on the hand and checked luggage while traveling, there might be a need to carry a plug adaptor or a voltage converter. If you are someone who is traveling internationally, then carrying both these items can be mandatory due to the voltage meters and outlets available at the destination. To be more precise, the socket pattern and the voltage meters in The United States and Canada might be the same whereas, it can be completely different in countries like UAE or Europe. Before thinking about whether to carry these items let us understand the significance of travel plug adaptors and voltage converters.

Significance of travel plug adapter: Travel plug adapters enables a device or appliance from one country to fit into the outlets of another country. As mentioned earlier, different countries support different outlets and it is best to understand the type of outlets supported in a destination before carrying any electrical products. If the electrical hairstyle product supports dual-voltage, that is, for example, if the voltage in the description of the product says something like 110-240 V, then a plug adapter can come in handy. Whereas, if the hairstyle product carried only supports a single voltage, it is recommended to carry a voltage converter too.

Significance of voltage converter: The grid of voltage in America is around 110V, whereas, in the majority of other countries the grid ranges from 220-240 V. While traveling abroad, voltage converters are a mandatory item that has to be carried along if your appliances only support single voltage meter. Voltage converter does not convert the electricity, rather makes the appliances suitable for certain voltage powers. Another essential factor to consider is that some voltage converters can weigh more than a travel plug adaptor, so it is best to buy a portable voltage converter that can best suit the weight of the luggage carried.

So, with the above-mentioned criteria, it is up to the preference, and considering the electrical hairstyle product that is being carried, you can carry a travel plug adapter or a voltage converter.


As far as the question goes, “Can you bring a flat or a curling iron, hairdryer on a plane?” It is surely allowed to carry them, but make sure to follow the instructions about certain hair styling products as mentioned above in the article. To sum it up, it is completely safe and approved to carry any ordinary flat or curling irons, hairdryers, etc., on the plane as long as they accompany the attached cords. On the other hand, the limitations should be considered when carrying any kind of butane-powered or gas-powered electrical piece of equipment.

Though people might find it hard to leave back their hair styling products, if carried along, make sure to ask the authorities about the rules put forth by the TSA and abide by them. If you are planning on taking an electrical hairstyle product that is expensive, we recommend you to leave it behind. Not because the TSA restricts them, but while traveling on the plane, the product has a high chance of getting damaged or broken. With the above criteria, people can take their loved hairstyle products with ease.